The mission of the Women in Leadership Development (WILD) Conference is to empower professional and enterprising women with knowledge, energy and passion. The WILD, founded in 2008 by the Gannon University SBDC, is a celebration that recognizes; supports and promotes women in business through women helping women. This concept of connectivity is achieved by encouraging networking, providing leadership opportunities and supporting each other. Knowledge, Energy and Passion – Go WILD!


"The W.I.L.D. is a day for professional and personal renewal. Nationally known speakers give you savvy advice on leadership and business success while you network with women from all over the region who share your drive to be a more accomplished professional. Add the fun shopping and personal services opportunities -- and you feel like a female Ferris Bueller, stealing a day for yourself. "

Susan Breon
Retired, 2009 W.I.L.D. Legacy Award Winner

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2014 WILD Legacy Award

The Gannon University Small Business Development Center Recognizes Women Leaders with the 2014 WILD Legacy Award.

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